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Charles Barker Automotive


Autotrader.com Congratulates Jawonda Bright Charles Barker Nissan

April 2011 ended with an iPad2 being delivered to our very own Jawonda Bright.  Congratulations to a well deserved prize.  The competitive nature of Jawonda shined as she commanded the challenge to increase AD awareness.  It is vital to our organization to identify how our customers hear about us, before they purchase a vehicle.  Jawonda embraced that message and delivered on her challenge.  On behalf of Charles Barker Automotive and Jawonda, we would like to recognize Tracee Allen from Autotrader.com for the ability to offer such a contest. 

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Mike Keesee
I hope you enjoy your iPad2 and THANK YOU!!! For embracing this challenge. You deserve great things!

Mike Keesee
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